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ruska duo

Ruska Duo was born in Tampere in March 2020, integrated by Paloma Catalá Parga (flute) and Iago Castro Pérez (cello), this one being the second group formed by both Spanish musicians, who already had extensive experience in the world of chamber music in their country.

Ruska Duo is a group with varied musical interests that debuted in Finland with their show “Hay un gallego en la Luna” at the 2020 Ibero-American Culture Festival in the city of Tampere, where they presented several pieces of work by Galician composers and music, adapted to the group by its members.

Later, in April 2021, they presented an adaptation for children of their program at the Tampere Talo within the Tampere Flute Fest program.


Paloma Catalá parga

Half Valencian and half Galician, she is a versatile flutist with a soul, who has played in different countries: Argentina, France, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Finland …

She finished her academic flute training at ESMUC in Barcelona. Later she wins a position by public competition as Professor of Flute at the Culleredo Conservatory, position she holds to date.

She has been a member and co-founder of the Brigantia Trio and Flutello Eventos.

She composed the Original Soundtrack for the play “Encuentros”, translated into Finnish, which premiered on November 28, 2020.

Iago castro pérez

Galician cellist, lover of the orchestral world and with compositional gifts. He has been part of numerous School Orchestras during his training.

He finished his academic chelistic training at the Liceu Conservatory in Barcelona.

He has been a cello teacher in the social project of the Galician Symphony Orchestra from the beginning, until its disappearance.

He has been a cellist, arranger and co-founder of the Brigantia Trio and Flutello Eventos.